Thursday, November 3, 2011

More culinary delights!

The last few days of our intern's culinary experience at Arenas Del Mar

Second to last day of this eating plan and in a way, I’m glad it’s ending soon because I’m positive I’ve put on weight eating this much!  Thank goodness I’m getting some exercise by walking up to El Mirador Restaurant every other meal.  Don’t worry, there is lodging right next to it or golf carts for transportation if you don’t want an uphill walk!

I started the morning with a breakfast burrito.  While tortillas here are usually small hand-made corn tortillas, the one for the breakfast burritos was one of the large flour ones that I prefer.  It was filled with scrambled egg, avocado, and topped with cheese.  Yummy!  Although a bit messy to eat, totally worth it!
I was pretty hungry at lunch, so I started off with a watermelon smoothie, then a chicken salad and ceviche.  The chicken salad had juicy chicken pieces and thick slices of avocado on top.  I love avocado and loved how generous they were with their avocado portions compared to back home where it seems like you only get two slices even though you pay extra for it!  But not here, it comes with it topped on the salad.  The sweet teriyaki and mango dressing was delicious and fruity as well.  Another thing I love is ceviche.  The tangy, sour taste of fresh lime juice with tomatoes, cilantro and fish is perfect to me.    But after all that food, I was stuffed and skipped out on dessert.

For dinner, I started with a strawberry smoothie (I’m in love with these smoothies now that I’ve started drinking them!)  For my entrée, I ordered the Bacon Wrapped Chicken Medallion.  It was juicy chicken with crispy bacon and a sweet, tangy smoked mango sauce that was very similar to a barbeque sauce.  It was exactly what I wanted considering I love barbeque from ribs to McNuggets with BBQ sauce or barbeque pulled pork.  In fact, I was just craving barbeque sauce the other day and thinking it would be a while until I would get to eat some.  I finished it all off with a Bailey’s Cheesecake.  This might sound crazy to some people, but I believe there is such a thing as a perfect crust to cheesecake ratio and most places have too much “cheesecake.”  The Bailey’s Cheesecake came with a Oreo-cookie crust and a thinner layer of cheesecake that was the perfect ratio.  Yummy!  This was definitely one of my favorite meals so far!
Day 7...
My last day of eating in the restaurants here at Arenas Del Mar. It’s been a lot of fun, but I’m glad I can go back to my (maybe a bit unhealthy) habit of skipping breakfast now!

I started off my last morning with the traditional Costa Rican breakfast, gallo pinto. It is rice& beans served with scrambled eggs, cheese, a tortilla, and fried plantains. One of my favorite parts was the cheese. Although it’s the same local cheese that has been served through the week, they cut it into thick slices and“fried” it so it tasted almost like grilled halloumi cheese, which I love!
Then for lunch, I started with a pineapple smoothie. It came in a huge “goblet!” Yummy! I ordered the beef chalupas since I’ve never had chalupas before! It came in a large, crispy flour tortilla (yum, you know how I feel about corn vs. flour tortillas!) Inside of that were strips of beef, lettuce, guacamole, sour cream, and some fresh pico de gallo. Delicious. The crunchy tortilla really gave it some extra oomph with the crispy texture. I decided to finish it all off with a key lime pie. Yummy! It was a really refreshing dessert compared to all of the chocolate I’ve had in the previous days!

For dinner, I started off with a watermelon smoothie again since I liked it so much the last time I ordered it. Then a mother who was at the Arenas Del Mar with her two daughters saw me eating alone and invited me to join them! How nice of them! So, I went over to their table and enjoyed the rest of my meal with them and learned a little about them and why they’re here (To relax and have a girls only trip. A very good reason indeed!). I started off with the soup I ordered the first night, Squash and Tomato Cream Soup. I loved it the first night and I still do! Then I tried the Tamarind Glazed Half Chicken. It was a HUGE piece of chicken that had a sweet honey-tasting glaze that was really delicious. I couldn’t finish all of the rice that came with it though since I wanted to save some room for dessert. I ordered the brownies again for dessert since they were so good the last time and well, you know my love for chocolate. 

So, that’s it with me covering the restaurants here at Arenas Del Mar. I will be blogging more about other things going on here and maybe some behind-the-scenes action, so stay tuned!

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